IRS Problems

Beyond the scope of preparing Tax Returns and Tax Planning for clients, I provide a formidable defense against the IRS in helping my clients solve their Tax Problems.  The issues that consistently arise are either audits, unfiled Tax Returns or owing money to the IRS.  I can help you solve all of those problems efficiently and effectively.

The IRS an organization that is mission focused on the strict enforcement of the Tax Laws.  Without representation, the IRS will continue to enforce those laws without always providing the options that may be available to you.  Since its the IRS, many Taxpayers simply think “they can do what they want”.  In fact, with good representation, you’d be amazed at the options that become available to you.   

Whether its Howard Choder or someone else, you should ALWAYS be represented by a qualified person who is competent, capable and most of all knows how to deal with the IRS.