Many of you know me as the taxman but I sometimes moonlight as a charity auctioneer.

My last job at the IRS was to auction seized goods to the public. Since leaving the IRS, I have turned that skill into raising money for charities and other great causes in our community.

I have been involved for over fifteen years as a veteran fundraising auctioneer who has raised millions of dollars for a variety of non-profit organizations including Global Visionaries, PAWS, Washington Environmental Council, Artist Trust, Eastside Domestic Violence Program, and many others. I have also assisted in numerous art auctions including Pratt and Poncho. On stage, my sincerity and passion, coupled with my gregarious, professional style ensures that bidders both enjoy themselves and contribute deeply, making every Choder-led event a resounding success.

When I worked for the IRS, I attended the Missouri School of Auctioneering, long considered the “Harvard” of auctioneering schools. My approach is both personable coupled with high-energy. I work diligently to produce for my clients by getting the most out of the auction guests. Usually lauded for my entertaining, assertive and yet, respectful manner. No potential bid is left on the table (or in the guests’ wallets!) when I wield the gavel.

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