Unpaid Taxes

"With these facts I can help you solve your tax problem."
-Howard Choder

The first step in dealing with your back taxes is to determine what the IRS already knows and what it wants.

Our unique and comprehensive 7 step compliance and collection check nails down the facts.
1. Your back tax or unpaid tax obligations, year by year.
2. Years for which tax returns have not been filed.
3. Listing of W2’s and 1099’s filed under your name for those years.
4. Years for which the IRS has filed a Substitute for Return (or filed a Return) for you.
5. Determination of collection actions pending against you.
6. Time remaining for the IRS to collect unpaid taxes under the Statute of Limitations.
7. Tax Liens filed against you. With the Compliance and Collection Check we determine the facts; how much back taxes are owed, which returns are missing, how much income was reported each year in your name and where you are in the collection process.

These are the steps needed for us to start the process with the IRS so we can advise the best option for our clients.