Your Passport Can Now Be Revoked For Tax Debt

by | Feb 8, 2017 | The Taxman Blog

Last May, I posted that the IRS would be getting ready to revoke or deny passports to individuals with delinquent tax debt. Now, as of February 6, 2017, “IRC § 7345 authorizes the IRS to certify that to the State Department. The department generally will not issue or renew a passport to you after receiving certification from the IRS,” according to the IRS Website.

For the IRS to certify you as “seriously delinquent,” your tax debt must meet or exceed $50,000–including interest and penalties–and notice of lien must have been filed, or a levy been issued.

There are some circumstances that escape the “seriously delinquent” categorization, such as those under an installment plan, Offer in Compromise, or suspended collection. For a full list of qualifying circumstances, see the IRS’ guidelines.

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